Adam Clayton Butler

GPEC Annual Report 2014: Shifting Towards Innovation

Responsive website

An interactive annual report to celebrate 25 years of growth

The Greater Phoenix Economic Council approaches Fervor every year to design a new interactive annual report to reflect on the company’s accomplishments over the past fiscal year. I designed the first one for them back in 2012 and had the opportunity to do it again two years later. The FY2014 report focused on individual stories told in an interesting way. I was the lead designer on the project, in charge of crafting interesting layouts and interactions on a short timeline.

A single-page approach

The 2014 report boils content down into a single page format that is layered with various interactions. A custom time-lapse video that Fervor commissioned was used in the top hero area as an establishing shot for the report. A bright color palette and a large grid-based layout sets the tone for the previous year as one of growth and innovation.

Emphasis on interactivity

Because of the nature of the content, I felt that a single-page approach was the best fit for the report. Using progressive disclosure, a series of interactive modules, including custom sliders, tabs and full-width modals, were used to display content simply, with the opportunity to drill down and read more.

Designed for all screens

The report, like most of the work I do, was designed to be responsive from the beginning. Many of the interactions on the site lend themselves well to touch-based devices and enhance the experience overall.