Adam Clayton Butler

Lighter Footprints Web App


How do we get people to live sustainably in their daily lives?

Lighter Footprints was an experimental web-based application that encouraged sustainable behavior by turning it into a game. Students at Arizona State University who volunteered for the experiment were divided into teams to compete to earn the most “green points” by completing simple daily challenges that were unlocked at certain times of day. I designed the UI for the app and aspects of the user experience that tied the whole concept together.

Ideation & sketching

During the beginning phases of the project, I spent some time sketching different ideas for dashboards, interaction patterns, activity feeds and badge styles. Annotations helped me start to understand how the app would be used.

Using gamification & social interaction

The main sections of the app are Dashboard and My Team. Through the Dashboard, team members can monitor their team’s progress, see who’s in the lead and complete daily challenges to earn badges. The concept was to create a fun, social environment for healthy competition in order to create this eco-friendly behavioral shift. In the My Team section, a team chat feature allows team members to communicate through the app and see recent activity from all team members. Designed to resemble a modern social media platform, the aesthetic is clean, bright and fun.

Micro-interactions, inspired by the social experience

Various features were designed to enhance the social experience, including reward modals, real-time notifications, inline commenting and a ranking system.

The mobile experience

At the time, mobile usage was nearing 50% of all internet traffic. Design decisions were made from the beginning to ensure that the app was accessible and optimized on a mobile device.