Adam Clayton Butler

TAP: Redefining Education

Responsive website

An educational framework focusing on teachers

The TAP System is an education reform system that seeks to improve student achievement by investing in teacher growth. The system gives teachers opportunities for career development and advancement that are unheard-of in traditional learning environments. The thought is that, if we invest more in our teachers, student achievement will improve proportionally. I designed this informative website to promote the TAP system, using Knox County, TN as a case study.

Sketching & ideation

Going into the project, I knew we had rich content ready for us. This included photography from a professional photoshoot that we organized, video testimonials produced by the client, statistics supporting the TAP system’s effectiveness and various print materials to support the messaging on the website. Knowing this, I spent some time sketching different ways to present this information in an interesting and engaging way.

Sell teachers & administrators on the benefits of the TAP system

Using the wide range of content available to me, I designed a series of long marketing pages that explain what the TAP system is and why it’s beneficial. Testimonials from teachers and statistics about the success of this reform are used to communicate the impact of TAP. I used the speech bubble shape from the campaign mark as a way to delineate sections of the homepage in an interesting way. I also designed custom charts and iconography to supplement the content.


The use of tablets as a learning tool in the classroom is growing more popular every year. Knowing this, it was important that the website was designed to be fluid and adapt to any size of device.